Statement of the Talysh National Movement . Russia passed Talysh ?!

Statement of the Talysh National Movement.

Russia passed Talysh ?!

On February 27, 2019, Talysh social and political activist, journalist and scholar Fakhraddin Aboszoda
(Abbasov) “disappeared” from the detention facility of the city of Kolomna. Today, March 1, the
State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan confirmed that Fakhraddin Aboszoda was
delivered to Baku. The term of the arrest of F. Abozzod in the prison of Kolomna expired on March 6.
On February 28, the Lyubertsy City Court was to hold meetings on two claims of Fakhraddin Aboszod
(Abbasov): in the case of a refusal to grant him temporary asylum in the territory of the Russian
Federation and in the case of a refusal to grant him refugee status. But both court sessions were
postponed – to March 13 and March 18, respectively – due to the disappearance of F. Aboszoda from
the SIZO of Kolomna.
Apparently, the Azerbaijani special services, with the support of Russian security forces, stole Talysh
politicians from the Russian penitentiary institution. This is a blatant case of lawlessness and criminal
conspiracy of officials from both the Russian side and the Azerbaijani side.
Fakhraddin Aboszoda kept his political and journalistic career (even after an illegal arrest)
pro-Russian orientation, protected his interests even in the most difficult years of the crisis of
Russian foreign policy. He considered himself not only a Talysh public figure and a journalist, but also
a Russian. And we know for certain that the Russian authorities, up to the first persons, were aware
of F.Abosszod’s arrest and his persecution. His extradition could occur only with the connivance or
the full approval of the Russian authorities. And this in turn puts an equal sign between the criminal
regime in Baku and the Russian government, indulging its aggressive policy to destroy the Talysh
people and the Talysh intelligentsia. The extradition of Fakhraddin Aboszod (moreover, in the
absence of any legal basis) is an absolute betrayal of not only Russia’s friend Fakhraddin Aboszod,
but also the entire Talysh people.
If Russia indulges such whims of authoritarian dictators of small neighboring states, it seems to
most,in the orbit of its post-Soviet influence, then this is a shame for both Russia and its authorities,
who are so eager to return Moscow to the number of world superpowers. Because for a superpower
it is not enough to have a nuclear or any other weapon of mass destruction, which can frighten
someone, a superpower must have its own values and ideas. At the very least, the superpower
should not be exchanged with friends or, as they say in Russia and in particular in the Kremlin,
should not “surrender” in favor of petty political intrigues or vested interests of those or other
The extradition of a politician objectionable to the Aliyev regime by Russia – contrary to the
expectations of some short-sighted Russian politicians – will not only not give impetus for bilateral
cooperation to a new level, but will further strengthen Baku’s anti-Russian policy. After all,
Fakhraddin Aboszoda was the one who, with his publications, preempted many anti-Russian steps of
the Aliyev regime and revealed his real aggressive goals in this country.
We express our concern regarding the fate of Fakhraddin Aboszod, treacherously transferred to
Baku by Russia, because Azerbaijani authorities and their law enforcement agencies are known
throughout the world to use torture.
Today, all representatives of the Talysh people, regardless of where they live and what political
position they take, must unite to protect their great scholar Fakhraddin Aboszod. All the years of his
political career, he unceasingly, selflessly, refusing the elementary comfort, defended the rights of
the Talysh people. Now it’s our turn to protect Fakhraddin Aboszod!
We cannot allow torture and murder of another representative of the Talysh intelligentsia by the
criminal regime of Ilham Aliyev. We cannot allow Fakhraddin Aboszoda to repeat the fate of another
great Talysh linguist, Novruzali Mamedov, who was killed in a Baku prison!
Freedom to Fahraddin Aboszoda!
Freedom to the Talysh people!
Freedom to Talyshistan!

Alakram Gummatzoda (Gummatov),
President of Talysh-Mugan Autonomous Republic,
Chairman of the Talysh National Movement

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