Open Letter To Aleksandr Dugin

Garegin Nalbandian

“If Armenia turns towards West and does not help Russia, at a critical time for Russia, then Armenia will be erased from the Earth,” announced Dugin.
The Eurasian Economic Union is the Noah’s Ark, and whoever gets on the the Ark, will be saved, and those who don’t, will be erased from the face of the Earth”, – despite the economic crisis in Russia and also the views of Russian experts that programs of the Eurasian Economic Union took a pause and the only economic market is not working, said his opinion during his interview with First Informational the leader of International Eurasian Movement famous politic Aleksandr Dugin.
According to Dugin, the current economic crisis in the Russian Federation, is not tied only with Russia. He states that the entire world is facing a global financial crisis and the entire world depends on the financial economic system created by the USA.
“At last, it will end, but before it ends, with the domino effect, the economies of all countries; for example, China, India, Brazil want to leave the American system. It won’t happen easily. Russia, China, and other countries of BRISC that are deeply integrated with that system, created by the Americans, which may lead the economies of the entire world with it.
On the influence of such global events, to say that the financial system of the Eurasian Economic Union is not working well, means nothing because Russia’s financial market is very small in comparison of size, it’s small even when comparing to the countries of the Pacific Ocean,” said Dugin.
After that A. Dugin added, “Russia is trying to create a system, which will shield against the global economic crisis and protect the Eurasian countries. The economy of Armenia is nothing in comparison with the economy of Russia and is depending on Russia. Russia doesn’t have a strong economy, but Russia has nuclear weapons, natural resources, large territory, and other important things, which may not mean much in the financial sense.”
According to the politician (Dugin), if Russia can come out of this situation, Armenia, too, can come out. He says that it will not be easy, “If Armenia tries to get help from the West, during this difficult for Russia times, then it (Armenia) will be detonated (exploded) and nothing will be left from Armenia. The West doesn’t need Armenia. The only thing that the West can get is control over the Karabakh conflict, which will hurt their geopolitical opponent – Russia. Armenia right now should hold on strong to Russia and peacefully follow the difficult financial economic situation. Russia may be able to solve the economic problems, of course with difficulties, but it’s a trial period and Armenians together with the Russians with joint forces can win the crisis and get back on our feet.”
He stated that by getting on the boat of trial, all those countries will realize that they are saved. “Noah’s Ark was also uncomfortable and full of hardship.” The only alternative to dying is the Eurasian Economic Union, if you stay with us, you will be saved, if not, you will be cursed and economically eliminated,” he finished.
I don’t know who you think you are, and I don’t care to know. Allow me to bring you back to reality. The reality is that you are not Noah, Russia is not Noah’s Ark, and Armenians are not bunch of animals for you to board them on your boat.
In your interview, you made a reference to Artsakh (Nagorni-Karabakh, a half Russian and half Turkic name for Mountainous Artsakh) which has always been part of Armenia as a province until after the Armenian lands were annexed from Iran to Russia. No, Russia did not free the Armenians from Iran. Russia annexed the Armenian lands and turned them into Russian Gubernias (Governorates) and that’s when Artsakh was divided from Armenia. Also, let me remind you that Russians closed over 500 Armenian schools and confiscated the Church properties from the Armenians during the 1800s. The Russians took the Armenians from our native lands and resettled them in Circassian lands, which you call Krasnodar. Your Russians call it Krasnodar because your mighty Russian armies painted it with the blood of Circassian civilians. Your Russians call it the Circassian War, but the Circassians know it was a genocide. Your Russians settled the Armenians in Circassian lands in order to fill the Baku Gubernia with Tatars and Turks. Your Russians changed the demographics in Baku Gubernia. Later, your Russians introduced new terms; such as, Caucasian Tatars and Caucasian Turks. There are Armenian books, one of those books is Chaos, written by Aleksandr Movsisyan (also known as Shirvanzade), stating how Baku was an Armenian city, and how those events took place under the Russian supervision. The Russians created the Azerbaijan Republic. Let me inform you that in 1920, Narimanov had recognized Artsakh as part of Armenia, and then the Kars Treaty was signed between Moscow and Turkey. The Russians created the Karabakh Conflict to be able to control both Armenia and Azerbaijan. If Russia really was Armenia’s ally, Armenia would have never had the Karabakh Conflict and Kars and Ararat Mountain would have been part of Armenia. Even Van managed to defeat the Turks and Kurds from the area in 1915, but Russians didn’t allow for Armenians to have any victories without the “support” of the Russians. Come to think of it, I can’t remember any battles where the Russians helped Armenians to free our lands, but I know of many instances where the Russians helped the Turks in Turkey and in Azerbaijan to take control of Armenian lands.
Now you are not asking, you are forcing Armenians to help Russia during these difficult economic times with threats to erase Armenia from the face of the Earth. What do you think our answer will be to your threats? Do you really think that you could scare all Armenians? Maybe some Armenians you can scare, those couple of hundreds of Armenians, who are on Russia’s payroll, who live in the West, and can’t imagine their lives without Russia, but you can’t scare all Armenians. Why would Armenians choose between Russia and the West, when Armenians have communities throughout the world. We are respected everywhere, and our friends throughout the entire world are our allies.
I am sure you already know that, and that’s the very same reason why Russia needs the Armenians, but you don’t want to ask Armenians for help because it’s beneath you, as a Russian, to ask nicely. You are making threats, and Armenians hear you. You are telling Armenians to get on your boat, if we want to be saved from destruction, but the question is do Armenians need Russia to save us or does Russia need Armenians to save Russia? Russia is in economic crisis, Armenia is not. One thing that you are right about is that your nuclear weapons don’t mean anything, when you are broke and in need of food. Please think about who you are and who Armenians are next time you plan to bully the Armenians.

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