Hired assassins of the Kremlin – the weapon of their own defeat?

As previously reported, on October 26, in the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region of Ukraine, an international conference organized by the Institute for Democratization and Development (Ukraine) was held on the theme “The Impact of Russian Aggression in the Donbas on the Political and Humanitarian Situation in the World”.

During the conference, many different questions were discussed related to the Kremlin’s aggressor policy and its occupation actions in relation to Ukraine. The conference participants tried to find solutions to various, acute and urgent issues related to this war, which has already been going on for the fifth year. One of these issues, which is still quite a serious threat not only for Ukraine, or the inhabitants of its occupied territories, but also for the entire region, is the participation in armed conflict by the so-called “LPR-DPR” of a huge number of mercenaries from different countries of the former THE USSR. As noted in one of the speakers’ speeches, a volunteer of the Aidar battalion, a citizen of Belarus Yana Kazakova, today the number of mercenaries who are in the ranks of the regular troops of “LPR-DPR” reaches 30-35 thousand. What motivates these people to risk their lives for the separatist “ideas” rejected by the whole progressive world?

In this matter, they – people who are not citizens of neither Ukraine nor Russia, but fighting against Ukraine, can be divided into several categories. Some, an insignificant part of them, so to speak: “ideological”, that is, those who do not receive almost no remuneration for their services and are fighting against Ukraine due to certain personal convictions. Basically, they are all people with an unstable psyche and weak intellect who became victims of the notorious Russian propaganda. “The crucified boy in Slavyansk”, “elderly women raped by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, firing by the Armed Forces of Ukraine into their own Forces, all these seemingly uncomplicated fakes of the Kremlin propagandists, however, bear fruit. There are also those who simply like guns, murders, the “military” lifestyle, full of adrenaline. People with immoral inclinations. They came to shoot at the Ukrainians just for the sake of the process itself. There are also many who are there in the trenches and dugouts hiding from criminal liability. However, the main motivation for all non-citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation supporting Russian aggression in arms is “selfish interest”, so to speak. The possibility of quick money. After all, it is no secret that Russia from the first days of the war and till now spends fabulous sums precisely for the maintenance of these same mercenaries. These are the amounts that naturally haven’t been possessed by separatist leaders “LPR-DPR” and it is this fact that, I think, should be actively raised in various international venues where the situation in the Donbas is discussed as another vivid confirmation that it was Russia that started this war against Ukraine, and about any civil war there can be no question. Another, rather important moment associated with the participation of all kinds of mercenaries on the side of the self-proclaimed republics, is the fact that all these people, upon returning to their homeland, and joining the society, become carriers and distributors of the bacilli called “Russian world”. Aggression, all sorts of criminality, megalomania interspersed with the glorification of the Kremlin’s intervention become an integral part of the existence of those who, at one time with weapons in their hands, promoted these ideas harmful to any healthy society. Statistics taken from various media in Moldova, Belarus and Central Asia show that people involved in armed conflict against Ukraine, when they return to their homeland, very often become part of the criminogenic. Unfortunately, by all indicators it is clear that the Kremlin is not going to abandon the strategy of maintaining mercenaries and forming various PMCs. And it would seem after the destruction, perhaps the most famous – “PMCs of Wagner” in Syria by the US Air Force, the same in Moscow they should have been thoughtful, at least a little.

However, as we remember, the head of the Russian Federation, with his inherent cynicism, decided to simply abandon more than 200 units of Wagner, stating that they say we do not know them, we are not responsible for them. However, I think that the inglorious death of these warring people for money should be a good example for others who wish with the method of support for the interventional actions of the Kremlin. I want to finish the article with the great Machiavelli’s words, which are not apparently known by those who spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the exchange troops there, behind the Kremlin wall: “Thus, only a sovereign who wants to take away every opportunity to win can invite auxiliary troops. A sovereign should fear the cowardi.
Vahan Martirosyan (Ukraine) 

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