Caught Between The Threat Of War And The Pursuit Of Freedom

Garegin Nalbandian

September was full of interesting events. Moscow secured a new contract to sell more weapons to Baku, when the $4 billion worth of Russian made weapons failed to achieve any progress for Azerbaijan Republic this summer. Let’s take a moment and analyze the events.
Seyran Ohanyan, Armenia’s Defense Minister, has announced numerous times about the combat readiness of the Armenian Army, and the Armed Forces of Armenia have proven many times that Armenian brave soldiers are able to defend the territorial integrity of Armenia and Artsakh. Armenia’s military ranks the fourth best in the region after Russia, Turkey, and Iran.
Evelyn N. Farkas, PhD, Pentagon Official, made a statement warning Russia and condemning the speculations for creating the need to send in Russian peacekeepers to Karabakh. After which, OSCE did not even discuss the issue raised by Serzh Sargsyan.
The President of Turkey, Erdogan, will be visiting Putin in Moscow, after the recent fiasco where Putin used some negative adjectives disgracing Turkey and Erdogan. The love and hate relationship between Moscow and Ankara has left many people confused.
Apparently, the secret romance between Turkey and Russia is still active. It’s no secret that topics of discussion will be the Syrian Crisis, the resigning of the Kars Treaty, possibly under a different name, and the Karabakh Conflict, among other things; such as, the Iran Deal, ISIS, Kurdistan, etc.
Again, the Turkish Diplomacy and the Russian Diplomacy will join together to further destabilize the Caucasus and the Middle East. My analysis about the Turkish Diplomacy and the Russian Diplomacy proves that both Turkish Diplomacy and Russian Diplomacy had and still have a secret ingredient – the Armenian Diplomacy. In August, 2015, Dugin told the Armenians to help save Russia or else Armenia will be destroyed. Even when Russia needs our help, Dugin was using his Russian Diplomacy, instead of asking us nicely. I published an article titled Open Letter To Dugin, so he would know the difference between the cowards who work for him and the Armenians who have dignity.
The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, commented this month on the U.S. – Armenia relations, stating that it remains great and the interest of investing in Armenia. At the same time, the U.S. Ambassador in Armenia, John A. Heffern, issued a warning to Armenia’s corrupt government about the need to stop the corruption. It was a message for Sargsyan and his organized crime. The U.S. Government is aware of what’s going on in Armenia and in Diaspora. The U.S. Government can and will place sanctions and freeze the assets of Armenia’s corrupt government officials, if they don’t stop the corruption.
Both Armenia and Azerbaijan are on Russia’s leash; therefore, both Sargsyan and Aliyev are obeying every order of Putin, who is using Karabakh as a tool and threatening to replace them with more loyal servants. Judging from the comments written by the representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan at different forums, one can tell that people hate their corrupt governments more than they dislike each other as opponents. Both sides want to rebel against their own governments; however, the obvious but secret cooperation between Sargsyan and Aliyev, shattering any hope for peace in the region. Anytime there are demonstrations in Armenia, Aliyev orders to open fire against the Armenian positions, and anytime there are protests in Azerbaijan, Sargsyan orders to open fire against the opponent’s positions, creating fear that if the opposition in Armenia or in Azerbaijan try to overthrow the corrupt government, the other side may restart the Karabakh War.
I will tell you why the Armenian side won’t restart the war. If a rebellion starts in Azerbaijan, the Armenian side will use the opportunity to overthrow the current government. Armenia’s government won’t restart the war because of the foreign investments that transport the oil and the gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey and from there to the consumers. Thus, and chance of restarting the war, may destroy the foreign investments in the pipelines.
That’s the very same reason that Aliyev won’t restart the war. That and the fact that Azerbaijan lost its Muslim allies in the region and Turkey is not in a position to help Azerbaijan fight another war. The First Karabakh War nearly destroyed Azerbaijan. Had Moscow not brokered the ceasefire, which saved Azerbaijan from destruction, Armenia and Artsakh (Karabakh) would have had friendly Lezgistan, Avaristan, and Talishistan, instead of a rival Azerbaijan, as neighbors. That would have brought peace and stability in the South Caucasus.
Currently Azerbaijan Republic has land disputes with all its neighbors. The violations of the ceasefire, as well as the human rights violations, caused the U.S. to impose sanctions and the European Union to vote on those issues, and surprisingly, Armenia’s government allowed an Armenian family to find refuge in Azerbaijan at this critical moment. That’s Sargsyan saving Aliyev right before the vote.
Many Armenians blame Vahan Martirosyan for his traitorous act, but not many people can comprehend what really happened and how does Sargyan – Aliyev cooperation work under the direct supervision of Putin and Erdogan. The concern of stability in the region still remains unresolved and Russia is doing everything to maintain its control over its constituents.

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