April and Armenians

Garegin Nalbandian  – Geopolitical Club Armenian Desk

Please read Lavrov’s suggestion for the Turkish-Armenian relations. He suggests the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border, which in his opinion will allow free movement of people, goods and services, and …


Imagine how many millions of Turks will be free to enter Armenia and how it can change Armenia’s demographics. How many times do we call to boycott Turkish products in Armenia’s markets because the money Turks receive from the Armenian consumers goes directly into the Turkey-Azerbaijan Republic military budget and kills Armenian soldiers with the use of the Russian made weapons? This is what Lavrov says the Kremlin wants. This is not what Armenians want. At least I hope not because it will lead to the Turkification of Armenia.

Georgia’s government made that mistake and now they have a Turkish problem in Georgia. Germany’s government made that mistake. Netherland’s government made that mistake. Most of Europe now has a Turkish problem.

Armenia already has tons of problems and Armenia certainly does not need to add more Turkish problem in Armenia. Lavrov’s suggestion is a hoax and it will not benefit Armenia or Armenians, who live in Armenia, except for a few oligarchs who already have $200 million worth of trade with Turkey.

Now let’s analyze Lavrov’s statement about Russia-Armenia relations. The fact is that Russia-Armenia relations only benefit Russia. The so called investments that were made in Armenia with Russian money, turned out to be purchases of Armenia’s key economic sectors by Russia at discounted prices. As a result, Russia owns Armenia and Armenia became more dependent on Russia. There are no jobs for Armenians in Armenia; however, Armenians can always count on finding work in Russia, which not only crippled Armenia economically, but also contributed to Armenia’s loss of Human Resources. In November of 2015, the total number of newborns in Armenia were a little over 3,000. November and August are known as months for most childbirths; however, let’s assume that 3,000 newborns is the average and let’s multiply that number by 12 months for the year. That gives us 36,000 newborns for that year. This means that in 18 years, Armenia will not have enough soldiers to maintain the same number of servicemen we currently have in Armenia’s Armed Forces.

This is the direct result of Russia’s “investment” in Armenia.

I know that many Armenians would argue that without Russia, Armenia will be destroyed by the Muslim neighbors, and Russia is defending the Armenia-Turkey border.

Let’s look into that.

Russia’s Defense Minister, Bordyuzha, announced that Russia’s 102nd Military Base in Armenia is not there for the Armenia-Turkey Relations. He made it clear that Russian Base in Armenia will not fight against the Turks. Russia left Armenia twice. Russia left Armenia in 1917, and in 1918, Armenians defeated the Turkish armies in Aparan, in Vanadzor, in Syunik, in Sardarapat, liberated Kars, Sarikamish, the Ararat Mountain… Russia returned in 1921, and Armenians lost lands. Russia left Armenia in 1991, when Armenia became an independent country, and left the region in 1993, from Azerbaijan Republic, and Armenians liberated Artsakh (Karabakh) and the surrounding area as a safety zone. Russia returned to Armenia and we are in a difficult position. Iran, on the other hand, contributed greatly during the Artsakh War. Russia refused to provide wheat so Armenians would starve and Europe provided 100,000 tons of wheat, which was delivered through Turkey to Armenia. These are historical facts.

Now, that we analyzed Russia-Armenia relations, among many questions the main question remains – is Russia a friend or a foe?

Let’s make it clear that Armenia certainly does not need Russia, but Russia needs Armenia, and Russia’s anti-Armenian politics hurt the Russia-Armenia relations. Kremlin needs to understand this simple fact. Unless the Kremlin changes its anti-Armenian politics, Russia-Armenia relations will be at its worse.

In conclusion, I want to add that Russia’s ambassador in Armenia, Volinkin, stated that Armenia’s elections in April are very important for Russia. Why? The truth is that April has always been a month of sorrow for Armenians due to the Armenian Genocide. The Operatsia Koltso was started in April 1990. The Russian weapons fired at Armenian positions in April 2016. The bravery of the Armenian soldiers changed the meaning of April from a month of mourning to a month of bravery and honor. Now, I find Volinkin’s comment about the April elections in Armenia very concerning that Russia is meddling in the Armenia’s elections, the same way they meddled in the Presidential Elections in the USA, and Lavrov’s suggestion for the Turkey-Armenia relations is only hinting that April will bring new challenges for Armenia and the Armenians worldwide. Therefore, we must be ready as one nation to face the challenges of the Russia-Turkey plans for Armenia.

Armenians have outlived many empires and, God willing, we can outlive this one, too.

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