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Western Armenia


(The name, the number, the date of receipt, valid until the expiry date. Size - smaller, than 1MB.)

(Fpr ID CARD. Size - smaller, than 1MB.)

The acquisition of citizenship of the Western Armenia is free of charge.

Documents required for Citizenship:

  • A copy of the identification document,
  • Photo for ID card.

To get a citizenship you need to complete this application, attach the required documents and send it tothe following e-mail address:[email protected]:

If you also want to get a passport and a Citizenship Certificate, you must pay 30 euros for them to make a passport and a Citizenship Card and to pay for postal delivery expenses. Payment can be made through cash or bank transfer.

The preparation of the passport and citizenship certificate is up to three months.

As a response to your application, you will receive an email confirming your citizenship. The letter confirming that registration will give you the right to be a citizen of Western Armenia to participate in the elections and referendums of the National Assembly (Parliament) deputies of the Western Armenia, to elect and to be elected, and to participate fully in the work of the State System of the Western Armenian Republic.

For more information please contact us by email:

[email protected]

Passport Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Western Armenia

The application can be completed on the official websites of the Western Armenian Republic: or,

you should answer the questions outlined therein, to confirm the basics of the declaration of civil and political rights of Armenians in Western Armenia, then click on Send button.

To receive a passport and a Citizenship Certificate of Armenians in Western Armenia, go to the following link: [email protected]

take a copy of the application form in the appropriate language, pay the amount mentioned for the preparation of the passport, the citizenship certificate, and the postal deliveries and send the completed application to the following email: [email protected]